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Mark Doumba shares his perspective on “Doing Business in Africa” at the “Ambition Africa” conference in Paris, France.

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Mark Doumba shares his perspective on the relationship between Africa and France at the “Ambition Africa” conférence in Paris, France.

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2 March 2023

L’économie verte, une chance pour l’Afrique de revoir sa copie en matière de développement

jeune afrique

28 December 2021

It is time for Africans to take ownership of Africa’s development

Financial Afrik

July 20, 2020

The great reset must place economic, social and racial justice at the center

CA Harvard Kennedy School Student Publication

June 20, 2020

How to promote private investment in Sub-Saharan Africa to revive the economy after the COVID-19 crisis?

World Economic Forum

15 April 2020

Why now is not the time for Africa to mimic rich countries over COVID-19?

CNBC Africa

October 23, 2019

[Tribune] CFA Franc: more figures, less passion

Jeune Afrique

24 January 2019

Africa deserves better questions for better answers to its development

Le Monde Afrique

20 January 2019

What chocolate and batteries can teach us about Globalization 4.0

World Economic Forum

30 Sep 2016

Thousands of talented expats want to transform their home countries. Let’s give them the chance

World Economic Forum

17 June 2016

Strategic competition between African countries is real

Jeune Afrique