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Who We Are

CLIKAFRIK Group Limited is a technology company that is on a mission to make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business in Africa and for governments to support private sector growth and development.

We build and provide e-government solutions that digitize business incorporation and improve the ease of starting, operating, and scaling businesses in Africa and other emerging economies.

Our company is also expanding its mobile payment infrastructure to develop cashless transactions and to expand financial inclusion for individuals and small businesses using mobile banking and mobile money solutions.

e government solutions in africa

Digital Single Business Window (GNI)

The digital single business window (GNI) is an e-government platform that facilitates interactions between governments and businesses. The GNI digitizes government and business administrative processes to make it easier for businesses to form, expand, and comply with government requirements.

National Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway has been built and designed to integrate with mobile money, direct banking, and debit/credit cards for payments across Africa. Our API allows businesses and government entities of all sizes integrate our services in no time and at no cost to start collecting payments.

development in africa
e government solutions in africa

Digital Payment Wallet

We have built one of Africa’s most accomplished digital payment wallets, capable of operating as a mobile banking and mobile money solution.

More than just a technology partner

As part of our mission, we also support partners who need world-class tech platforms to address key pain points of Africa’s and other emerging countries’ development.

  • development in africa
  • development in africa
  •  e government solutions in africa
  • development in africa
  • e-commerce in africa
  • The GNI has helped the formation of over 15,000 businesses
  • Our work improves overall governance of and coordination between government agencies and the private sector
  • Our work helps push reforms to improve the business climate and hopefully, create prosperity

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