Digital government in Africa

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technology in africa
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About the Digital Single Business Window (GNI)

Partner: National Investment Promotion Agency
of Gabon (ANPI-Gabon)

The GNI® is an e-government platform that makes it possible for entrepreneurs and investors to start their business and manage all of their government-related needs online from a computer or smartphone.

They can register, close, make changes and put a company on hold.

The GNI® also includes an electronic payment gateway, a chat box, a licensing gateway for regulated activities, and a financing module geared at helping small and medium-sized businesses request and access credit and financing facilities from financial institutions.

It is an effective way for governments to empower entrepreneurs and improve business activity and quality in their country.

Features and benefits of
the Digital Single Business Window

e-commerce in africa

Entrepreneurship, Youth and Women Empowerment

“The rate and quality of entrepreneurial activity is central to a country’s development”

- Lower barriers to entrepreneurship means more opportunities for the youth and for women to realize their potential and to play a stronger role in society
- Positions entrepreneurship and social inclusion at the center of the domestic development agenda

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Informal Sector and

“The informal sector represents between 25% and 65% of Africa’s GDP while MSMEs account for over 85% of total employment.”

- Procedures are streamlined to make it as easy as possible for informal businesses to formalize and manage their activities
- It takes less than 30 minutes to submit a business registration request, and up to 72h for the government agencies to get you started

development in africa
development in africa
technology in africa

Public Sector /
Government Capacity

“Technology can enhance government efficiency and public sector capacity”

- Provides a single access point for government agencies to work together efficiently and in all transparency

- Transforms the workplace and work functions of government agents from manual to automated labor, and from desk job to remote work

development in africa

New Capabilities & New Perspectives

The GNI® introduces new digital, organizational and institutional capabilities.

  • Business registration and continuity
  • electronic payments
  • online administrative processing
  • automation of legal documents

  • Organizational
  • Elimination of steps
  • reduction of bureaucracy
  • smooth inter-government agency collaboration
  • training and re-skilling of government agents
  • improving synergies

  • Digital government in Africa
  • Introducing technologies at scale and improves the Government’s ability to understand and provide evidence-based policy support to boost private sector growth.
  • development in africa
    Digital government in Africa

    Technology, Innovation & Inclusion

    “Preparing a more inclusive and technologically advanced community of entrepreneurs for the fourth industrial revolution”

    - Expands access to QR code technology, mobile payments, and universal access to business registration to entrepreneurs

    - Automates the design and transmission of secure data and documents such as corporate articles of association, meeting minutes, and more...

    development in africa

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