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We are committed to creating sustainable and inclusive market innovations…

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution advances in high-income economies, many African countries are still trying to move from agriculture and mineral extraction to manufacturing and digitalization.

Most of the technologies deployed across the continent to manage organizational change are built and supplied by international players for international markets.

The African market often comes as an after-thought, and as such, technology services fail to capture the full scope of change that is required to overcome local challenges, and to provide long term perspectives on future growth opportunities. This is especially important as governments and companies work to tackle the digital divide by incorporating technology in its internal and external organizational processes.

Our company and its people are committed to investing in market-creating innovations that create impact at scale across Sub-Saharan Africa, by adopting a very localized approach to building, designing, financing, and operating digital transformations.

We are engaged in building Africa’s intellectual property and digital capital by identifying and repurposing some of the world’s existing technologies and resources to the needs and realities of continent’s business and social contexts.

We believe that Africa’s development challenges can best be overcome by bringing together talent, purpose, diversity, and work ethic, and by combining the private sector resources with Governments’ ability to enable mass adoption and long-term inclusive change through well-guided policy action.

Meet Our Team

Mark Doumba

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mark Doumba is an entrepreneur, investor, and development economist.

As the Founder and CEO of CLIKAFRIK Group Limited, Mark oversees product development, partnerships, strategy and scale-up efforts across geographies and business lines, including pan-African neo-bank: CLIKPAY Mobile Money.

He works actively to make entrepreneurship in Africa easier, to provide universal access to fair financial services, and to help governments transition and embrace e-government and digital finance by engaging in public private partnerships and advisory on public policy reforms.

Mark has an investment banking (M&A), private equity and venture capital investment background. He has direct experience investing in and operating businesses in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia in sectors such as: telecommunications, banking, healthcare, and logistics.

Mark earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the George Washington University; a Master of Science (Msc) in Management from the London School of Economics (LSE), and a Master’s in public administration (MPA) from Harvard Kennedy School. In 2016, He was named by Forbes as one of Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs.

Suby Parambukattu Sainudeen

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Suby Parambukattu Sainudeen is a system architecture and technical team leader.

As co-founder of CLIKAFRIK Group, Suby oversees the creative design, technical development and implementation of all products and services deployed by the group and its subsidiary companies, including CLIKPAY Mobile Money. He also leads the deployment of the IT infrastructure, including server and cybersecurity of our products and services.

He is passionate about technology and the various ways to uplift communities with superior creative design and a strong focus on user journey.

He is also a co-founder of Saiha Software Technologies Private Limited—a private technology and design company based in Cochin (India).

Suby holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from College of Applied Science, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India in 2007-2010 batch.

Our Partners

We build strategic partnerships with strong private and public sector entities. We engage in mutually beneficial partnerships where to combine know-how, relationships, and resources to deliver high quality output.

Advisory Board

Bright Simons

President, mPedigree

Bright Simons, is the President of mPedigree , a social enterprise working on three continents in partnership with governments, several of the Fortune 500 companies and grassroots organisations to spread innovative technologies that secure communities from the harmful effects of counterfeiting, especially in such sensitive sectors as health, agriculture, cosmetics and automotive.

Bright has shaped mPedigree's relentless innovation cycle for more than a decade, helping steer the organisation from a focus on authentication and supply chain technologies into the broader spaces of smart sensors, analytics, and intelligent decision support systems. His latest work on the application of "smart polymers" to health cold chain problems has been supported by the Harvard Innovation Labs, among others....

Lydie Hakizimana

President & CEO of the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)

Lydie Hakizimana is deeply passionate about Africa and believes that the missing ingredient on the continent is good education. In line with this, she has co-founded 2 organizations: Drakkar Ltd and Happy Hearts. Collectively, these organizations aim to provide quality learning materials (to more than 3000 schools in Rwanda) as well as affordable quality education to all (now with 6 schools in Rwanda).

In 2018, Hakizimana was appointed as a board member of the African Leadership University (ALU). In 2019, ALU was named one of the most innovative companies in the world (#1 in Africa) by the influential magazine Fast Company. Hakizimana also sits on the board of the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)....


Founder and CEO of Global Mind Consulting

Expert in Public Relations, Seynabou Dia has an in-depth knowledge of organizational communication. With her professional experience and ambition to promote the actors of the economic transformation of the African continent, she founded her first agency in 2009, Global Emergence, based between Washington DC and Paris.

Today, Seynabou Dia heads the Public Relations consulting firm Global Mind Consulting, which she created in 2012. Since then, from her office in Gabon and Senegal, she has set herself the ambition to support the communication of companies and organizations implemented on the African continent and worldwide....