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Who we are

We are an investment and technology holding company that builds and scales innovations in mobile financial services, digital government, data management and digital identity across Africa.

What we do

We provide risk capital, innovation and entrepreneurial capacity to amplify the impact of entrepreneurship and public policy on growth and development across the continent.

e government solutions in africa

Digital Single Business Window (GNI®)

The digital single business window (GNI) is a proprietary e-government platform that handles interactions between governments and businesses. The GNI digitizes government-to-business administrative processes to make it easier for businesses to form, expand, and comply with government requirements.

Since going live in 2020, over 30,000 small-medium businesses have used our innovation to move from the informal sector to the formal economy.

PAYPASS® | Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway has been built and designed to integrate with mobile money, direct banking, and debit/credit cards for payments across Africa. Our API allows businesses and government entities of all sizes integrate our services in no time and at no cost to start collecting payments.

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e government solutions in africa

CLIKPAY Money® | Mobile Money

Through CLIKPAY Technologies, our fintech holding company, we own and operate the first independent Neobank in Central Africa!

Our mission is to provide world-class and affordable mobile financial services that connect under-banked communities, small-medium businesses and government services across Francophone Africa.

Impact of the GNI in numbers

According to the conclusions of the general business census (RGE) in Gabon jointly managed by the World Bank and the Ministry of the Economy, the commissioning of the GNI in 2020 made it possible to accelerate the number of business formalizations and to combat effectively against the informal sector. More businesses have been formalized in three (3) years 2020-2022 than in the 106-year period dating from 1913 to 2019!

We are more than a technology company…

We are ecosystem builders that use technology and social innovations as a tool to harness the collective capabilities of entrepreneurs, corporates and governments to solve local development challenges and generate impact at scale.

  • The GNI has helped the formation of over 30,000 businesses
  • Our work improves overall governance of and coordination between government agencies and the private sector
  • Our work helps push reforms to improve the business climate and hopefully, create prosperity

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